The Path to Power

Chapter Thirty Three




Dara is turning out lights and getting ready to head back to her apartment for a dinner date with Mr. Campbell Soup and a fiction novel instead of a law book for a change.

"Hey LIGHTS?! Still here!" A voice calls out from the spare room that has been converted into a combination library/ file room.

Dara flips the lights back on. "Gia? What on earth? Do you have a test tomorrow?"

"No." I have a brother who is a pain in my neck everyday "I just have some research I need to get done for a project."

"I hope it's not one of mine?" Dara inquires guiltily. But then she looks over Gia's shoulder and sees Ric Lansing's resume. "What are you doing?"

Gia bites her lip. Dara sits down next to her and raises her eyebrows nonverbally cueing that she is not going anywhere without some answers. "Fine! Marcus wants a background check on Ric Lansing. And since Ric is a lawyer and I'm going to be a lawyer of course I must know everything there is to know about the guy."

"Marcus is investigating Ric Lansing?" Dara's expressive eyes narrow at that. "What have you found?"

"For the last three years his resume lists him working for the family holdings. But there is nothing with his name on it: no contracts, no leases, nothing."

"And being your brother's sister... The flag came up and you kept on digging."

"Well Yeah."

"And of course, Marcus didn't tell you that at one point Lansing was a suspect in the Luis Alcazar murder?"

"No, he left that part out." Gia says wryly.

"Doesn't surprise me." Dara rolls her eyes. "So check international-- South America-- cross reference with Alcazar. He did have some legitimate arms deals. Actually most of the business was legitimate or at least sanctioned. Thing is and this is just water cooler, alumni, email chat and the reason why Lansing was a suspect-- Lansing and Alcazar had a falling out over money and Alcazar had him thrown into his own little jail."

"I don't get it." Gia interjects. "The guy is totally power tripping thru college, law school, right fraternity, right affiliations, right clerk job, right law firm out of college, passes the bar on the first go. Why Alcazar?"

"For the money?"

"He's loaded."

"Some people can never be too loaded." Dara says wryly. "But okay, then for the connections."

"Preppie Boy wants connections to an international crime enterprise?!"

"Some people might say that describes the Cassadines." Dara reminds as she stands up. "Don't stay up too late and hit the lights on the way out."


"Oh and Gia?" Dara turns around at the door.


"Why did Lansing stay in Port Charles after Alcazar's death, after Alexis' confession? Maybe the reason he went to work for Alcazar is the same reason he stayed here."

"And why is this loaded, connection craving guy working for Carly Corinthos down in the Cellar?" Gia waves the resume like a flag. "That's where I got this."

"Ah." The light dawns. "So Marcus figures that Carly is more likely to talk to you, The Former Face of Deception, than him, Big Bad PCPD."

"Does my brother know how transparent he really is? He is not getting away with anything."

"Then why are you doing it?"

"If I don't, he's going to sic my Mother on me." Gia sighs.





"Howzit goin'?" Bruno ducks his head into a quiet corner of the converted stables that Mouse has claimed for his own. Mouse's quarters isn't a room but an office with state of the art computer set up: no bed but a comfortable couch instead and his own cabinet of food stuffs. Mouse didn't get the nickname because of his size but because of his hacking habits. Just like the little rodent, anything he could get his nose into, Mouse could get in. Then he would keep gnawing on it until the problem disappeared.

"A lot faster if I wasn't being poked!" Mouse snarls. "And if Faith would make up her mind what she wants."

"You know what Faith wants." Bruno counters matter of factly.

"Yeah." Mouse slumps. "Everything-- yesterday."

"Yep." Bruno agrees with a nod. "She and Mr. A are out with that Quartermaine Broad, Dillon's Mom. Otherwise she would be down here do the progress check."

"This background in on the QT from the kid right?"

Bruno grimaces. "Yeah, if he asks tell him your looking into Soleito and if she's gonna be a problem. Faith will check this lady out personally. I'm sure she'll have more for you tomorrow."

"Great." Mouse declares sarcastically. "I got the books to do still. Quarterlies are due. Research on Quartermaine, Soleito, Capelli, Helen Cassadine, Ric Lansing and that charity that Faith's granny gave all the bucks. I'm only one guy!"

"Protecting the kid is number one." Bruno reminds. "So Quartermaine and Cassadine. The rest are shooters; I can guard that until you give Faith the ammo she needs to take them down. I got to do a perimeter-- check in with Dillon and Alice up at the house. You need anything?" When Mouse shakes his head, Bruno leaves. Once he is outside and on his way to the gate, his phone rings. "Yeah? Doing the perimeter now, Faith. Alice and Dillon are doing a movie marathon but he knows he has school tomorrow. Kid is asleep. Yeah, got it covered. You and Mr. A have a banging good time. I've got it nailed down for the night. Nobody in or out. If that Quartermaine Broad shows up after your meeting? Kay. Dillon's call. If he goes, it's with her and she doesn't step foot on the property. Yeah, I'll have them tailed if he leaves the house."





Across town at Jakes, the payphone in the back underneath the stairs and across from the bathrooms.

"Yeah, I know she's got to pay for what she did but there is zero access. She isn't faking. She is really crazier than a bed bug. Prosecution is being deferred because she can't aid in her own defense. Cassadines have her locked up tight. Yeah, You'd think-- but the only cop that gets on that island is Taggart. Not even Spencer, who I took on to try to get access, goes over there and he's Nik Cassadine's brother!
Sonny Corinthos has his hands full with Ric Lansing, who snatched Corinthos' sister for some reason. Damn! I knew that name sounded familiar. Is he working for you? Lansing seems to be stirring up a hornet's nest between Sonny and Faith Roscoe.
Jax? Well after he dumped Brenda Barrett at the altar he started sniffing around his ex-- Skye Quartermaine. She's filed a R.O against him and changed the locks. Yeah, she was there the night he died. Saw everything. But she was both pickled and had her own ax to grind on Brenda Barrett for breaking up her marriage. Took her a long time to come clean about Alexis Davis. And then it was only after she started looking good for killing him and the witness, old woman named Ida. That one finally closed to a suicide but that's about as likely as your brother taking a voluntary swan dive from the tenth floor of the Port Charles Hotel. Davis probably did Ida to cover her tracks and doesn't remember doing it. Yeah, I'm talking that crazy. What do you want me to do? Okay Corinthos and Lansing. Got it." Hanging up the phone, the good looking cop walks back toward the bar and his beer.

From the landing above, Zander steps out of the shadows. He definitely needs to get a new place but bad luck for Capelli that he hadn't yet. Zander goes back into his room and sits down on the bed. He reaches for the phone and then pauses wondering who is he going to call? Having Kristina with Faith is actually a blessing. The very last person she'd trust is a cop. Zander grimaces and quickly dials a number. "Yeah, Mrs. Lansbury? It's Zander Smith. Yeah, I know what time it is. I need to talk to Stefan or Nikolas. It's about Tasha's safety. Yeah, I'll hold."





The company this evening had been unexpected but very welcome as they had taken their relationship to the next level. She had also been the bearer of a piece of the puzzle that kept him awake now mentally calculating all of the ramifications. The soft buzzing of the telephone by the bedside table distracts Stefan from his musing, he leans over his companion and picks up the phone. Very quietly he answers. "Yes, Mrs. Lansbury? Very well put him through. Stefan Cassadine." Stefan is silent as Zander explains exactly what he overheard and what his concerns are. sounded like a couple of things. That Capelli wants to pin Ida's death on Alexis too and that Alcazar has family who might be coming after her.

"I concur with your assessment." Stefan gives Zander that much knowing that it wouldn't have been easy for the distrusting young man to call. "And appreciate your discretion."

"What are you going to do?"

"Nothing overt at this time. But you may trust that Detective Capelli will never be alone with Natasha."

"She's wearing that anklet. She's a sitting duck for the cops. I know this place in Canada..."

"I will take that under advisement, Mr. Smith. And should it become necessary for Natasha to be moved to another location, I will make arrangements for you to accompany her if that is your wish, but it will be a location without extradition to this country." Stefan states bluntly.

Oh Right. That's good. Okay. I have to tell Ned about this. Faith would never let Capelli next to Kristina but she's got to know about Lansing and Alcazar, especially Alcazar.

"Do not embellish your account, Mr. Smith. As I will also be contacting the Ashtons to see Kristina and will advise them of any additional information."

"What kind of information?" Zander asks suspiciously.

"This is not the first time I've dealt with Alcazar." Stefan says cryptically then hangs up before Zander can ask any more questions. Stefan climbs from bed his Egyptian cotton sleep pants hanging low on his hips. He slides on his robe and belts it tightly.

A sleepy voice calls his attention back to the bed. "You're slipping. You really shouldn't be talking about felonies in front of your lawyer. Because I would of course advise you to not take Natasha out of the country to avoid prosecution."

"Ah yes, but all of our conversations are confidential, Counselor." Stefan absently presses a kiss to Dara's bare shoulder and runs an affectionate hand over her hair. Already he is processing the additional information and adding it to the tidbit that Dara had brought him earlier about Lansing.

"Capelli is dirty?"

"A colorful description but it would appear so."

"Damn it." Dara tucks the sheet over her bosom and sits up. "This is exactly why I left the DA's office. You never knew who was pulling strings. You have to tell Marcus."

"I do not." Stefan retorts affronted by the suggestion.

"Stefan, I came here to tell you that Marcus found out Lansing was causing trouble for Faith. To make sure that Kristina isn't caught in the middle. If Capelli is dirty, Marcus needs to know so he doesn't turn his back on the guy! Especially if he's over here checking on Tasha."

"I will consider it." Stefan temporizes.

Dara starts reaching for her clothes and pulls them on quickly stuffing her bra and stockings in her purse as she grabs her coat. "Yeah, you do that, Stefan, and I'll consider reminding Zander Smith exactly whom Marcus babysits. I bet he'll tell Marcus-- to keep Alexis safe. And he hates cops."

"I will do what I think best."

"Back at ya, Stefan." Dara mentally curses the sheer stupidity of sleeping with a client or rather a client's guardian/brother and a Cassadine at that. "Are you calling the launch or am I swimming?"

"Dara..." Stefan reads the resolve on her face and picks up the phone. "... Mrs. Lansbury, please call the launch." He hangs up the phone. "I will consider telling the Lieutenant."

"Do or don't." Dara shrugs. "He's going to know by end of business tomorrow. I get it that you like keeping family business private. I'm more about making sure my clients stay safe from preventable violence: your sister, your niece and my friend, Marcus. He would take a bullet to protect a citizen and I would just as soon it not be in his back." Dara slams out of Stefan's bedroom.

Stefan winces at the slam grateful that his sister's room is on the other wing and Nikolas is probably down at the hunter's cabin at this late hour. Going over to his desk, he opens his laptop computer and calls up the file on Alcazar that he'd started when he'd used the arms dealer and his petite mistress to lure Jasper Jacks away from Port Charles and Chloe. Who knew back then that he set in motion that day everything that had come since-- including his own sister's death, his other sister's breakdown, the near ruination of his relationship with Nikolas, and the arms dealer's demise. All because Chloe's tumor had given her images of Helena's doings and he'd sought to use them, and her, to foil his Mother and protect Nikolas. He never thought he'd need the file again.





Bright and early the next morning, Zander knocks on the door to the CEO's office at ELQ. "Ned?"

The secretary comes out of an alcove in the reception area. "He's not here yet. Did you have an appointment with him this morning?"

"I just needed to touch base with him on something. I'm not really in today."

"Message or voice mail." The secretary offers helpfully but discreetly. Ned had called from the Port Charles Hotel because he'd been running late this morning, running late with his wife.

"I'll leave a note on his desk." Zander decides. "I have my cell phone. So have him call as soon as he gets in. It's about his daughter."

"Oh." Priorities shift. "I'll make sure he knows first thing."

"Thanks." Zander quickly writes a note and then leaves. He is supposed to meet up with Gia about getting another place and after last night that had taken on a certain urgency.





Ned lets in room service to the suite at the Port Charles Hotel. "Set up over there." He points to the small table. He signs the order and ushers the server out of the room just as the shower is stopping. Faith comes out wearing the complimentary robe and towel drying her hair.

"Feels like old times." Faith quips. She lays the towel around her neck and lifts one of the warming lids. "French toast, sausage..." She dips a finger in the syrup and brings it to her lips sucking it clean. "... blueberry syrup. You're spoiling me."

Ned comes over and dipping a finger in the syrup holds it to Faith's lips. He watches intently as she licks the last drop from his finger. "No, you're spoiling me." He runs a thumb over her lower lip. "Maybe this needs to be a regular thing."

"Who knew that putting a choke chain on your mother would be such a turn on?"

"Last night will just drive her underground, Faith. Tracy didn't know what to expect now she thinks she does. She'll probably ally herself with Jax. She's done that in the past, or Edward since she's figured out that Grandfather is looking for an avenue in." Ned warns.

"I can handle Edward." Faith shrugs.


"I won't kill him." Faith rolls her eyes. "You are so easy sometimes, all the time. And I won't upset your Granny either. Although she should be familiar with his weakness for blondes by now. But I can tell you Edward trusts me a hell of a lot more than he trusts your Mother."

"That's not a big stretch." Ned seats Faith at the breakfast table and takes the seat across from her. For some reason the process of sitting down across the breakfast table from his wife puts him in a family rather than an intimate mood. "Was there any trouble picking up Dillon yesterday?" He butters his own slices of french toast.

"No. I waited in the parking lot until the final bell rang." Faith drizzles syrup over the slices of sugar dusted french toast. "Dillon saw me first thing."

Ned groans. "I bet he did." And I bet he wasn't the only one

"Just building his rep, Ned." Faith takes a bite and then chews thoughtfully. "Now that he's at school and since you don't want him driving me around-- maybe he should get a part time job, not ELQ though. Something else."

"What did you have in mind." Ned asks suspiciously.

"I know some people-- legitimate..." mostly "...people, Ned. The Florist Shop that did flowers for the fundraiser. They deliver-- great tips. Get him familiar with the city. A video store, Dillon would probably like that one. The money would be peanuts." Faith admits. "But it's another tie to the town and keeps his priority on school."

Ned nods chewing thoughtfully. "I can sell that."

"Okay, I'll talk to him about it when I pick him up this afternoon." Faith takes a sip of coffee. "I'm having Mouse investigate Soleito to make sure the daughter isn't going to be a problem. I might have to go down there." If Fowler were here he'd have already taken care of it for me.

"How bad is this?" Ned asks with a wince. Once Faith had torn into him he'd started to realize the ramifications of his Mother's ill fated marriage and short term career path.

"I'm not going to go out of my way to protect your Mother, but I'll make sure Dillon is off the table. Your Mother was lucky to get out of Brooklyn alive. That's not the way it works around here-- Smith, Rivera, Moreno, Sorel... Roscoe. People don't retire, Ned. They don't walk away."

"What about you?"

"I was never at the top." Faith admits. "It was getting to the crossover point before we married. You know that, you brought it up in your pitch. Yeah, I still have more connections than most, a few things going." Faith shrugs at the understatement. "Probably not as threatening to Sonny since I backed off. Course he and Jason are probably wondering why I haven't come after them for Fowler."





"You know I'm doing you a huge favor so will you please stop looking at your watch?" Gia says sharply as she slams the bedroom door of a vacant one bedroom apartment to get Zander's attention.

"Sorry." Zander says guiltily. "I'm just expecting a call from Ned. I left a message for him to call me. I thought he'd be in the office by now."

"Is your cell phone on?" Gia demands.

Zander double checks it. "Yeah."

"So focus. Close to ELQ. Close to the park. Not far from the hospital." Gia starts calling out the amenities of the building. "Lot of the single medical staff live here."

"Close to PCU which is why you live here." Zander adds.

"It was cheaper than staying at the Port Charles Hotel, since I'm a student again and not modeling anymore-- money doesn't exactly grow on trees. And it's not the crazy maker that renting from Bobbie Spencer would be considering my brother rents from her. He is in my business enough as it is. AJ Quartermaine turned me on to this place. He lived here a few years ago. It's kinda yuppie, I guess." Gia looks around the generic beige apartment ready to be stamped with the personality of the occupant.

"As long as it doesn't smell like cheese fries and spilled beer." Zander shrugs. "How much?" Gia tells him what she is paying. "Lets go find the manager."

"What are you going to do for furnishings?" Walking over to the door, Gia asks as she opens the door.

Zander shrugs. "I'll think of something." He recalls his conversation with Stefan. He might have to leave in a hurry. "I'll probably just rent until I find something I like."





Faith has an extra spring in her step when she comes up the stairs to the cottage with a garment bag over her shoulder. It's wonderful what a few rounds of mattress tag could do for a girl's disposition. Sure, there is a list of things a mile long to get done, mostly security related but that could wait until she checked with Alice to make sure everything had gone smoothly the night before. Faith hangs the garment bag over the railing to the stairs. It would have to go to the dry cleaners. A small noise draws her attention and she turns around. "How is that delicious creature I see?! Oh you are so lucky that I already had a big breakfast or I'd just eat you up!" Faith scoops Kristina up from a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room and gives her smooches until the baby giggles. "Were you good for Alice and Uncle Dillon last night?"

"Good as Gold." Alice comes out of the kitchen. "In bed by 1900 after bath and bottle. Dillon did a last perimeter check at 2300 and then crashed. Bruno had one of the guys drive him to school this morning. The Lincoln is sounding kind of rough I'm going to look at it after they get back, might just need to have the mix adjusted..."

"7pm and 11pm right?" Faith interrupts.

"Right." Alice grins. "I made a fresh pot of coffee."

"Great. I have had zero sleep." Faith says cheerfully as she carries the baby into the kitchen.

"You look really rested for somebody who hasn't...." Faith give Alice a significantly salacious look. "Oh. Well of course you did, I mean do." Alice shakes her head. "What was I thinking?"

"I have no idea." Faith grins. "You really need a night off. It does wonders for your stress level to um get the kinks out. Thanks." Faith takes the coffee and pushes it out of the reach of the baby.

Alice takes a seat across from Faith bringing a stack of messages, her cup of coffee and a bottle for the baby. Since it's just the girls-- formality is out the window. She gets herself situated and then reaches for the first phone message. Since Faith has her hands full with the baby and the bottle she reads it aloud. "Stefan Cassadine called at too freaking early this morning. He wanted to know if there was going to be duck time today or if he should stop by here to see the baby. I think he had things other than story hour in mind. He had a tone in his voice. Like there was a big mystery. Mouse called at 8am to say he was going to bed and wouldn't be up until noon."

"Damn. Okay. What else?"

"Zander Smith called very insistent that he had to talk to Mr. A, talk to you. Said he'd try to get hold of Mr. A at ELQ."

"He wanted to talk to Ned?" Faith says curiously. "But he mentioned me so it wasn't about ELQ. But he mentioned Ned first?"


"Okay." Faith frowns at that. Something is up. And men working around her normally meant it wasn't good news. "I'll call him back."

"Mr. Coleman called. Said he liked the show at the high school the only thing missing was the cherry sucker."

"He would think that." Faith narrows her eyes and then shrugs. He had a point. That was the thing about Coleman and what had made him so good at The Oasis. He knew what the customers liked to see and caught the little details. Yeah, that would have covered all the bases.

"Sam called said he had a..." Alice squints at the message to make sure she got it right. "... really sweet CZ 75 DPCR compact with a decocker that just came in and he wanted you to work."

"CZ 75. Oh yeah. I'll call him. That one can wait until after school. I'll take Dillon with me." Faith can already feel her trigger finger starting to itch. She'd wanted to try one of those ever since she'd seen a picture of one hanging on the wall of Sam's shooting range. But they were a bitch to get. Especially with the decockers-- which unlike what it sounded like, are not guns for women with attitude but a feature normally only found in guns carried by cops. The CZ didn't have the extended magazine of a Glock only carrying 10 rounds but it made up for it in reliability and accuracy, at least by reputation.

"And Tracy Quartermaine called, after Dillon had already left for school. She wants to talk to you."





Gia and Zander sit in a pair of recliners and the local rent a center waiting for Zander's paperwork to process thru. "Is there going to be a problem?" Gia asks.

Zander shakes his head. "Nah, this place specializes in people with no credit. That's how they get away with raping ya with the interest rates." His cell phone rings and he is grabbing it straight away. "Yeah, this is Zander. Ned, damn where have you been?! I've been trying to get hold of you. I wanted to talk to you before I talked to Faith." He looks over at Gia who is listening intently to his conversation and not looking as if she is either leaving or going to give him some privacy. He glares at her but then drops his voice down low. "I heard one of the Port Charles Finest last night talking about Alexis, it sounded as if he was talking to somebody related to Alcazar, and that they would be coming after her. Yeah, I know Faith won't have anything to do with the PCPD. But you might give her a heads up that Alcazar family or Lansing might be making a move. Yeah, I said Lansing. He used to work for Alcazar. Do you want to tell her or you want me to next time I come over to see Kristina? Yeah, I've heard that she doesn't react well to surprises." Zander hangs up the phone and then looks over at Gia. "What?"

"Which one of the PCPD?"


"My brother is already asking questions about Lansing, which is the first step to getting in the guy's face. Which one of the PCPD?"


Gia pulls out her cell phone and hits a preset. "Marcus, I need to talk to you. Privately. Yeah, well you shouldn't ask me to find out stuff for you then. I mean it, Marcus. Alone. Right. Park. I know the spot." Gia snaps her phone shut. "Hey! We're leaving in two minutes! Deal or no deal!" She hollers loud enough to be heard in the back room as she throws the recliner forward and comes out standing.





Tucking her clutch under her arm, Tracy glances up at the sign. Sam's Guns and Gallery. She suspects that it isn't going to be sculpture and paintings inside. Why on earth am I meeting that brassy, brazen blonde that Ned had the misfortune of being married to? What had Ned been thinking? Tracy snorts. She already knows the answer. Or rather what had Ned been thinking with?! Men are so predictable. Tracy carefully opens the door with as little contact as possible and stands back from the counter not wanting to touch anything.

"Can I help you?" Sam had come out of the connecting office when the buzzer on the front door had alerted him of a new customer. He automatically takes an inventory of the person in front of him, never knew when a good description might come in handy. This gal is definitely a .22 concealed in her purse next to her cell phone. Purse is a stupid place to keep a gun though, the purse is the first thing to go. Something that he'd told Faithy often enough. Course she'd shrug and ask where else she was going to put it. And damn if she didn't have a point. Faith didn't wear enough clothes to conceal the 9mm she preferred.

"I am supposed to meet Faith... Ashton here." Tracy says with some disbelief.

"Yeah, Faith's back in the Gallery. I'll buzz you in." Sam had been notified that Faith was expecting company. He hits the remote on the door that leads back to the soundproofed shooting gallery in the back. As soon as they are back in the gallery the report of weapon fire threatens to deafen them both and Sam hands Tracy a set of ear and eye protectors. Tracy slides them on and follows Sam to the far row where once she nears she can see her new daughter in law steadily and easily decimate the center of a man shaped target on the far wall with round after round.

Only once Faith finishes the clip does Sam give her a tap on the shoulder. "You got company." He indicates Tracy.

Faith takes off her ear and eye protection and sets the semi auto down next to them. She'd have to bring Dillon another time. Meeting Tracy here would hopefully throw the other woman off balance, especially since she didn't have all the info she needed yet. Damn Mouse and his need to sleep. "Mother Quartermaine. You wanted to speak to me? Or perhaps you wanted to go a few rounds?" Faith indicates the shooting gallery.

"No." Tracy says flatly. The place gave her the creeps and the smell of spent gunpowder is probably sinking into her silk jacket which was going to have to go straight to the cleaners. "I want to know how much it's going to cost for you to go away."

Faith laughs. "Do you have a million dollars? That's what your father paid me to be with Ned."


"Yes," Faith drawls it out. "Daddy. Do you really think that Ned and I met by accident?"

The way that Faith said Daddy had a totally different flavor to it that leaves a bad taste in Tracy's mouth. "My father would never have wanted my son to marry you. "

"No, that was your son's idea and, yes, he already knows about my deal with Edward. He doesn't care how much money I take from Daddy. I think Ned likes the idea of me taking Daddy's money and then doing exactly what I want." Faith smiles.

"I am taking my son and getting him out of there."

Faith's smile falls away. "No, you're not. And once you think about it you'll agree with me." Faith steps closer to Tracy. "You hate it that AJ and Jason have gotten all the opportunities. That Ned, hell not even him so much, but you have always had to scrabble for the scraps of ELQ. You want Dillon in the driver's seat because he still loves you and will bring you in. Then think, Tracy. Ned is in the driver's seat. Not Edward, not AJ or Jason or your brother. Ned. This is the closest you or Dillon have ever been to what you've told Dillon all along that you wanted. And you're going to blow it out of the water because you don't like who your son is fucking? Get over it. We can be allies or we can be enemies. It's your call. But I need Ned exactly where he is sitting and if you do anything, anything that threatens that..." Faith takes another step closer. "...they will never find your body."

"How dare you threaten me?!" Tracy steps in ready to go toe to toe with this impertinent snip.

"Me? I won't have to lift a finger. OH wait-- maybe one." Faith holds up a well manicured index finger. "Just this one. One phone call to Brooklyn." Faith snaps her fingers. "But don't worry. Black is my best color and I'll make sure that the service is beautiful. We'll put up a headstone right next to my first husband. They never found his body either."

"You are insane." Tracy declares.

"No." Faith disagrees. "Sociopath. It's more of a personality disorder. Insane is Ned's ex girlfriend."

Tracy steps back at the unexpected answer and gives a braying laugh that echoes throughout the gallery. "My son is a fool."

"But he has such pretty manners. They both do."

"Thank you." Tracy gives a regal nod taking all the credit. "Yours could use some work." She pauses. "So... what is in it for me?"

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